Album review: Robert Nix – Once In A Blue Moon

Album review: Robert Nix – Once In A Blue Moon

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If Gary Newman, David Byrne, Ian Curtis and the late great David Bowie were to morph into one entity for the purpose of creating an ambitious sounding concept album then Once In A Blue Moon would be the result of such an occurrence. Once In A Blue Moon is the fifth and latest album from philosophising muser Robert Nix and takes us into the mind of an alternative musician who clearly would prefer to express himself in a purposely strange manor.

The strange thing about it is in the most part it works for him.

The album opens with Won’t Go With Flow, very much Nix’s mandate, stating that he is original and wants to do things his way rather than following the generic status quo. Title track Once In A Blue Moon has a nice chord progression and composition that would be heard in more conventional music.

There are so many interweaving changing chord progressions and drum patterns on this LP that it can sound like a Futureheads meets Everything Everything record, however the technical and song writing ability does not reach those heights. There is a beautiful moment jumbled between track The Evil Eye which can be found around the 2.15-2.45 mark.

Time to Make Up Your Mind is a decent acoustic offering that has a heavy 70s sound much like the band Love. Once in a Blue Moon even has a couple tracks, Dad’s Song and Real Time Drum Solo, which are just instrumentals. Nix does social commentary well in places – Stop The Cruelty (You Mindless Human) is an angry and frustrated opinion on society passionately delivered.

This record is brave as it is clear Nix doesn’t want to hold himself back, rather opting to show all his inner inflections even if they don’t belong together at the same time. Wherever his mind and mood will go he will take you there.

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Watch Robert nix in action in the Won’t Go With Flow video below:


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