5 graphic novels to read after Fallout 4

5 graphic novels to read after Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is currently sweeping the world in a post-apocalyptic nineteen-fifties fever, if you want more here's some graphic novels you should check out.

The streets are empty. The air is filled with the screams of raiders and the shouts of super mutants. Occasionally, a single survivor can be found wandering, the ones who couldn’t afford Fallout 4. This is the new state of the world, fandom, fandom never changes. If you are one of the players who has survived the wasteland you’re probably looking for something else to fill the gap in your life that Fallout 4 has created and there’s nothing better than comic books. Here’s a quick run down of five graphic novels that capture that Fallout 4 mood.

5. Judge Dredd Complete Case Files Volume One


After dealing with the authoritarian Brotherhood of Steel and the warped view of a future society presented in Fallout 4 it might be time to step into the world of 2,000AD. Judge Dredd is all about the post-apocalyptic society of Mega-City One, a gigantic enclosed city filled with scum and villainy. There’s lots of brilliant futuristic ideas and some truly awe-inspiring science fiction concepts. With so many great stories out there, the best place to start is at the beginning with the Complete Case Files.

4. Spider-Man Noir


With all the nineteen twenties inspired detective missions from Valentine Detective Agency it might be worth considering this great Marvel story with a film noir twist. Spider-Man Noir focuses on a warped version of everyone’s favourite wall-crawler. The first story arc follows Spider-Man Noir dealing with the corrupt mob boss ‘The Goblin’ as the two fight through smoky streets and shadowy alleys.

3. The Complete Adventures Of The Rocketeer

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This one is a little old fashioned but if you like the nineteen fifties style of Fallout 4 then you will fall in love with the Rocketeer. The series follows Cliff Secord, a down on his luck pilot who finds a jet pack and uses it to turn his life around. The stories are pulp sci-fi at its best, with gadgets, deception and action at every turn! The designs all look like they belong in the Fallout 4 wasteland and by the end of reading it you’ll wish they were.

2. Wolverine: Old Man Logan


A wasteland filled with insane science experiments, drugged up scavengers and mutated monstrosities, sounds like Fallout 4 right? Wrong, this is the world of Old Man Logan. Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan story see’s Wolverine crossing a wasteland in an attempt to save his family from a group of super mutated Hulks. Apart from the connection to Fallout 4, this graphic novel is simply amazing and will make s fine edition to any comic book collection.

1. Batman Zero Year: Dark City


What if Batman was in Gotham when the nuclear bombs went off and he had to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland? In Zero Year: Dark City we get to see the closest thing possible as the Riddler takes over Gotham City and turns it into an apocalyptic wasteland. Batman has to survive, against one of his greatest villains, without any of his technology as his relationships with his oldest allies are put to the test. This is a perfect novel for any Fallout 4 fans looking for a little comic book action.


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